Patron Tequila

We joined forces with Tequila Patron and their NHRA drag racing team to bring awareness in a completely different market. One that would take the brand to a bigger stage, new audiences, and traveling fast to a serious future.

DATE: 14.Mar.2019




In 2013, Patron Tequila reached out to better engage a new audience ahead of the launch of various new products. Our partnership with the teams at Patron was focused on assisting with design and content creation for their new motorsports initiative. Engaging audiences with relatable and impactful storytelling remained our key objective throughout each project. We’ve had the privilege of being involved with projects alongside John Paul DeJoria, Jesse James (West Coast Choppers) and hall of fame crew chiefs throughout our multi-year partnership.

Through a new style of creative that was charged with suspense and accessibility, we established a visual style for Patron’s new initiative into the National Hatrod Racing Association (NHRA) series with a 10,000 horsepower drag car and the owner’s daughter, Alexis DeJoria, behind the wheel. Traveling the country, we engaged their audience with a constant flow of updates, entertainment and a peak behind the curtain of a large scale NHRA team.


Motorsports is a universal language.

Our strategy called for the real personalities of the team to connect with Patron’s new audience. We positioned Patron as a brand with higher-quality beverage while respecting the nature of the NHRA demographic. Together, we created branded content for social and digital channels that brought our strategy and direction to life while driving engagement.

Our campaign engaged audiences across online media, owned social media, and in-store retail.



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Alexis DeJoria's 100th Funny Car Race

At the 2016 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California, Alexis achieved a major milestone in her drag racing career. The season-opener marked her 100th Funny Car event entered.

Day In The Life

Day In The Life: Blower Specialist

Have you ever wondered what a ‘day in the life’ was like for a crew member? We strapped a GoPro onto Cody, the Supercharger Specialist, for the day at Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol & captured his day-to-day routine from morning to night.

Crew Chats

Asking what the fans really want to know

A cheeky video series featuring the talented wrenchers of Team Patrón. First victim in the hot seat was the Clutch Assistant, Adam Torres.

``Jim Cam``

What could possibly go wrong

“Jim Cam” The result of having wayyy too much downtime in the staging lanes

Supporting Content


Sports Illustrated

Never in a million years would we expect to see our work published in Sports Illustrated. But here we are.

SEMA Build Livery

In partnership with Toyota Racing Development, Tequila Patrón Off-Road Tundra Pre-Runner, designed/built for TRD’s 2012 Dream Build Challenge

Hero Cards

A whole slew of hero cards were designed for the team over the years giving fans a Patron branded keepsake.

1 of 1 Legos

Custom, one off Legos of Alexis DeJoria and Jesse James. Gifts to them on their wedding anniversary.

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